ADEO Sports Friendly Match at Kranji Recreation Centre

On 23 June 2024, ADEO hosted an engaging Inaugural Sports Friendly Match at Kranji Recreation Centre (KRC) for Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs), supported by MOM (ACE and FMMD), the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore), SowCare and S-Word EFC Youth Fellowship. The event aimed to foster camaraderie, provide recreational activities and offer support to our MDWs.  

The event began with extensive preparations by dedicated youth volunteers from S-Word EFC Youth Fellowship, MOM and HIA. They managed tasks such as setting up the registration booth and standees, arranging refreshments, setting up cameras and sports equipment, and arranging tables and chairs. These efforts ensured a well-organised and welcoming environment for all participants.   

The opening ceremony started with an enthusiastic welcome and a commencement speech by Ms. K. Jayaprema, President of AEA(S). The speech set a positive tone for the day’s activities, emphasizing the importance of community and support for MDWs.  

The first game of the day was “Blow Wind Blow”, which allowed the volunteers and the MDWs to get to know each other better. The interactive nature of the game required participants to move around and communicate, breaking the ice and easing any initial awkwardness. This helped everyone feel more at ease and created an environment where people could freely engage in and enjoy each other’s company.   

Next, participants prepared for the Captain’s Ball game. This game featured several teams competing in friendly matches. The energy was high, and participants demonstrated great teamwork and sportsmanship. Following a brief break, the competition continued with more matches, allowing everyone to showcase their skills and enjoy the game.  


A reflective session followed whereby MOM Volunteer, guided discussions on effective stress management techniques and offered valuable insights tailored to the needs of the MDWs. His support and expertise helped create a supportive atmosphere where the MDWs could openly discuss their challenges and seek practical solutions and advice.  

At the end of the day, medals were awarded to all participants, celebrating their efforts and enthusiasm. The message was clear: everyone was a winner, and their participation and sportsmanship were highly valued and appreciated.  

The event concluded with a lucky draw, photo-taking, and refreshments. Volunteers facilitated these activities, ensuring that everyone had a memorable time and that refreshments were passed out to the MDWs. The day ended with the volunteers cleaning and packing up, wrapping up a successful and enjoyable event.  

In all, the ADEO Sports @KRC was a resounding success! The dedication and hard work of the partners and volunteers, combined with the enthusiasm of the MDWs, made the event truly memorable. This sports-friendly match not only provided recreational fun but also reinforced the importance of community and support for MDWs. We look forward to organising more such events in the future and the MDWs’ participation. 


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