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It broadened my worldview and reignited my passion for community service

Agnes Tan, an NTU student, shared her internship experience with HIA to provide holistic care to the migrant domestic workers in Singapore through ADEO, a movement of HIA. She shared that it was a humbling experience to see other migrant domestic workers stepping forward during the events to volunteer and spend their precious Sunday afternoon caring for the other migrant domestic sisters in their midst. Click here to read her full story.

Cleon Liew

Having volunteered to pack and distribute flowers for an ADEO event, I found the experience to be deeply meaningful. Seeing the smiles and gratitude on the faces of the recipients made me realize the impact that small acts of kindness can have on individuals, and it was fulfilling to be a part of that.

Claire Neo Yu Qing

I felt very inspired and touched that the ADEO offered such an event for the domestic workers, to give them recognition for their hard work in maintaining houses behind the scenes. It was very heartwarming to see the domestic workers’ faces light up upon receiving the flowers. This inspires me to give more concern to my own domestic worker at home and also will try to encourage her to attend such events that I didn’t know existed in the past.

Christy Chen Yi Jen

My experience volunteering with bible house was a pleasant one. We helped the organisation (ADEO) in the preparation and distribution of 300 flowers to the ladies gathered at Fort Canning. It was a joy being able to see the smile on all their faces. We ended off the session with a post conversation engagement and everyone was enjoying themselves. 10/10!!

Wong Hwan Ching

My favourite part of the whole event was speaking to the people at the field and passing them the flowers. We went up to the large groups, holding bunches of flowers which made them very interested yet confused. It was a pretty successful outreach effort, and they were open to listening when we assured them it was free ;D Although there was some issues with language barriers at times, it was fun trying to converse with them and sit down with them for a bit (and making them smile and take photos with the flowers!)

Nicole Yau Zhi Qi

It was truly empowering interacting with these women who made the tough decision of leaving their families to care for a stranger’s. From it I’ve learnt that there are more trials and tribulations these domestic workers experience than we think. Above that, I feel that witnessing these women realise their worth and understanding the importance of the role they play in the lives of some families is deeply heartening. It was reassuring knowing that ADEO gave these invisible heroes a platform to learn, speak up and share common experiences.

Regine Koh Wei Shan

This is my 2nd time volunteering with ADEO, and as usual, I felt so happy when interacting with the MDWs. They are very friendly towards us and are very appreciative of the things that we do for them. Though I have to travel a distance to volunteer for ADEO on Sundays, seeing them enjoy their time make me feel that's worth it to come down to help out.

Teo Wen Bin

It was a very enriching experience at ADEO event. I was able to learn more about the plight of foreign domestic workers despite not having a foreign domestic worker at home and this has broadened my perspective on them. They can be role models for us and have many experiences to share with us, for instance how much they had to sacrifice to come over to Singapore to work, so it is something I really admire about them. In addition, I was also able to interact with other volunteers who are of an older age group and they were able to share further insights into university life and that will help me make a better decision when I choose my course of work.

Chloe Chong Yi Ting

I think the event was very meaningful and I am grateful to have this opportunity to help out. It helped me to understand the domestic workers better and encourage me to help out more. I interacted with some of the domestic workers and all of them were really warm and friendly! I hope that they will continue to receive the support they deserved.

Lim Hui Jen

I found this volunteer experience quite fulfilling because all my previous VIA (Values-In-Action) experiences were mainly with the elderly. Getting to interact with the foreign domestic workers was interesting and hearing some of them made me realised that some domestic workers are really just not appreciated enough. I learnt that some employers decided to have another child just because they had a domestic helper that could help them with daily chores and taking care of children, which was something I did not think about before. Overall, it was generally a fun experience and I would still join these type of VIA if I have the time.

Tevia Choo

On the 19th of February 2023, I had the privilege of participating in a volunteer event with SowCare and ADEO alongside my fellowship. We spent the day preparing heartfelt appreciation gifts for Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) and attending a gathering with them at the Bible House. Working with SowCare was an absolute pleasure, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to join in their mission of showing appreciation and support for MDWs in Singapore.

During the event, we had the opportunity to interact with the MDWs and gain insight into their experiences as women living and working in Singapore. This experience was truly eye-opening and allowed me to appreciate their strength and generosity in caring for their households while missing their loved ones back home. It was a humbling reminder to be more giving and loving towards those around me.

Overall, I believe that my fellowship and I had an amazing time at the event, and we are grateful to SowCare and their partners for their tireless efforts in showing appreciation and love towards the MDWs in our community. The regular gatherings held by SowCare and ADEO serve as a powerful reminder of the important role that MDWs play in our society and the importance of showing them gratitude and support.

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