ADEO Celebrates International Domestic Workers’ Day 2024

On 9 June 2024, the National Library Building was alive with anticipation as the ADEO Monthly Gathering in the City commenced. This month’s event held special significance, as it coincided with International Domestic Workers’ Day, a day dedicated to recognising and honouring the invaluable contributions of domestic workers worldwide. The gathering aimed to unite a vibrant community for an afternoon brimming with engaging activities, heartfelt narratives, and meaningful connections.          

The event kicked off with a heartfelt welcome by Joyder Ng, Team Lead of ADEO, setting an inviting tone for the near 100 attendees. A spirited round of BINGO followed, not only igniting laughter but also fostering interactions among participants, forging new bonds within the community. 

Our special speaker, Shayna Sivaram, student of NTU, then took the stage to share a deeply personal story of her life with a helper since birth. Her narrative underscored the profound impact of gratitude and companionship, resonating deeply with the audience and eliciting nods of understanding and tears of empathy.  

Next, we extended a warm welcome to our MDW speaker, Aiza, and her employers, the Shah-Lesoin family. Aiza candidly recounted her journey as an MDW in Singapore, navigating both hurdles and triumphs with grace. In turn, the Shah-Lesoin family illuminated their profound connection with Aiza, emphasising the importance of mutual respect and support in forging enduring relationships. 

Supported by National Library Board, ADEO facilitated a book club sharing session to ignite interest in reading among MDWs. We introduced a selection of library books focusing on self-empowerment, crochet, and cooking, which they could access for free. This initiative aimed to broaden their horizons and encourage personal growth within the community. 

The event then transitioned into the “Empowering Chats” segment. In the first part, participants formed small groups and picked storytelling prompts to share. They shared their experiences as MDWs in Singapore and wrote down what they were most proud of on post-it notes. This activity fostered an intimate setting where participants could openly discuss their journeys and achievements. 

The second part of the “Empowering Chats” was a mass sharing session. Participants took turns speaking to the larger group, providing a platform for voices that are often unheard. This collective sharing not only strengthened the bonds within the community but also highlighted the resilience and strength of MDWs. 

As the event ended, gratitude filled the air as speakers and sponsors were acknowledged. Excitement buzzed as announcements were made about future gatherings and a mental wellness survey. A moment of anticipation ensued with a lucky draw, where attendees were rewarded with memberships to the National Library Board and Clarins gift bags, sponsored by SowCare and Clarins respectively. 

The gathering concluded with a heartwarming celebration for those born in June, complete with refreshments and cherished photo opportunities. As attendees bid farewell to the National Library Building, they carried with them a sense of empowerment and belonging, a testament to the event’s success in fostering a supportive and celebratory environment for all. 

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